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NEW LANDLORDS - Talk & Exchange Ideas Here!
This is our most popular forum--a mix of everything--especially of interest to New Landlords!
10355 2027 How to Recognize Scams Among Lettings Agents Edinburgh?
by AndyWhitmey
FINANCING 179 28 Effect of ROI for Paying Cash vs. Taking Mortgage
by LLinVA
INSURANCE 242 39 which carrier has best pricing?
INTERNET TIPS & INTERESTING WEBSITES 248 30 Reliable Tenant background screening online services
by AccidentalRental
INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE 427 63 Building a new software platform and would love your input
by homehub
The Best and The Worst
167 19 Flats & Houses to Rent on Property Rentals in Edinburgh
by Mike
PETS 395 52 Dogs destroying yard of duplex
by Maxmillian
TAXES & BOOKKEEPING 200 49 Another Capital Gains/Selling Rental Property Question(s)
by itsanss88
TIPS, TRICKS & TECHNIQUES FOR LANDLORDS 350 43 Free TV For Tenants (no cost to landlord)
by steevven1
FREE LEGAL CHARTS - For Our Forum Members
Security Deposit, Rent Controls, Eviction, Landlord Access, Landlord Retaliation, Parental Responsibility, Dangerous Animals, and more!
100 23 Do I need business license to rent out each bedroom to different tenant
by davfly22
ABANDONED TENANT PERSONAL PROPERTY 200 36 Locating tenant w/o forwarding info
by rshepard7
EVICTION & TENANT TERMINATIONS 1625 402 tenant in my California property just broke 1 yr lease after only 6mos.
by LLinVA
LANDLORD RIGHTS & THE LAW 993 248 Retaliation and Slander against Landlord
by Anonymous
North West: AK, WA, OR, MT, ID, WY
Post & Find State Specific Info HERE!
58 17 to enforce
by LLinVA
So West: HI, CA, NV, UT, CO, NM, AZ
Post/Find State Specific Info HERE!
806 219 Tenant moving somebody in without permission
by AccidentalRental
No East: MI, PA, OH, IN, KY, WV, VA, MD, DE, NJ, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME VT, NY
Post/Find State Specific Info HERE!
630 177 Township has a Landlord rental fee!
by BillHoo
So East: TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, FL
Post/Find State Specific Info HERE!
74 28 Rent Increase--Long Time Tenants
by Anonymous
Central: ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, MN, WI, IA, IL, MO, AR, MI, LA
Central States
249 80 Keeping the deposit when tenant never moved in, Texas
by OHlandlord
LEASES, AGREEMENTS & FORMS 308 95 Cosigner Noticing in CA
by LLinVA
GOOD & BAD TENANTS---Tell Your Story 287 53 leasing is exception
by nabilmehasien
PROBLEM TENANTS, WHAT SHOULD I DO? 635 152 Cosigners on lease - one tenant's 15 y.o.kid is threatening the other tenant
by ElFlaco
RENT COLLECTION ISSUES 208 52 Tenant Pays Late - Ignores Late Fees
by Maxmillian
PROPERTY MANAGER'S CORNER 336 55 Firing your Property Manager Company
by OHlandlord
SECTION 8 QUESTIONS 75 15 How fast do section 8 homes rent?
by OHlandlord
DIY & MAINTAINING THE PROPERTY 602 131 What are the different types of drywall?
by bebelynaccessdoors
DEPOSITS, DEPOSITS, AND MORE DEPOSITS! 575 146 Letting agent Edinburgh can help you source your student flat
by Mike
by AccidentalRental
TENANTS & RENTERS EXCHANGE YOUR EXPERIENCES HERE! 348 101 Need guidance from a landlord
by Angelau

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