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I rented my house on a month to month basis, which is also for sale, to a person from Blaine, Wa. He gave me sad story & continuously called me & I told him everything about my house. He said he had a racial profiling claim going on & maybe he could payoff a $24k grant I owe the city & if I could do a rent to buy. I told him I would have to look into that but I would like to sell the house bcus my daughter&fam had moved out last July & left the house trashed. My husband & his brother have done lots of work & we've had to use our ccards to buy mtls. I was totally honest & upfront with him. Five months later we are in a "nightmare" situation with him. He's broken 2 of the agrmmts in the rental agrmt I had fwd to him. One, a pitbull he brought w/him & medical marijuana smell in the house when we brought over prospective buyers to look at the house, they turned around & left. He had changed the wiring in my garage & asked my husband if I would allow him to put in a vent! I was very upset & asked him to come to our house to discuss my concerns, he made excuses so I wrote him a letter outlining my concerns. Next thing we know he's talking about an attorney, so I could see where this was going, so I had a Notice of Termination served by a processor. He said he fwd rent money & paperwork to his attorney. Now my husband can't go over to the house to do some items that city inspector noted w/o posting a wtitten notice on the door to let renter know in advance. I've notified him thru txt msgs but the police officer who showed up when my husband went to meet with them to inspect the work, told my husband he couldn't go in & he needled to stop harassing the renter! Which is totally untrue. We even had loanec him $50 a month ago which he has never paid back! . He told my husband that eviction notice has to be served by the Sheriff! My notice was to vacate. The renter acts like its his house & the police are on his side, the policeman was very rude & wouldn't listen to what my husband had to say! My husband & I have healrh prblms & he has heart prblms, had a heart attack last year. We can't believe what's happening & on top of that we've been told that at this point we need to see a lawyer, which I called the name of 2 who wete given to me by the landlord asso person here in the Tri-Cities. We can't afford a lawyer. Help!

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Most landlord associations know of lawyers who will work with a fellow landlord who can't afford to pay them at this very moment. So you should definitely get one and have him evict the tenant. Eviction is the only way to get this "human being" out of your place. I've had several people like him as tenants and the first rule of thumb is to NEVER accept a tenant with a hard luck story. There's usually a reason why they have "hard luck" and you've unfortunately found out firsthand. Talk to the landlord's association and let them give you the step by step of throwing your tenant out. I'm part of three separate landlord associations and they're very good at helping out landlords with advice and resources, especially when each county may have different rules and regulations. 

P.S.: Most of the time, the police get rude when called to a landlord/tenant matter, as they usually can't do much to change the situation except to advise legal counsel. Don't look for cops to help you in these situations, as the courts and a good lawyer are your keys to victory. Good luck.

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Can you recommend someone from one of the landlord associations in my area to go talk to?  I live in Franklin County, Wa
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