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I am currently renting a condo unit and in the lease it says that if the landlord sells the property they may provide 30 day written notice to the tenant (me) to vacate.

The landlord says he has sold the unit and has delivered written notice telling me I have 30 days. However, there is no proof that a sale has been made and I am very skeptical that a sale has gone through at all. 

My question is if the landlord is obligated to provide some sort of proof that the property has been sold. If not couldn't the landlord just say the property had been sold if he wanted to vacate the tenant? Should I require a copy of the purchase and sales agreement? What other documents would constitute proof?

In the mean time do I have any methods of contesting this notice to vacate? Certified letter to landlord? Filing a claim in court? This is all happening very quickly and is quite overwhelming. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!


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Normally no proof is needed.  Look on the county or parrish property tax or auditor site and it should show the new owners once the sale is closed.

If you signed a contract stating that you will move with 30 days notice if sold, there is little way to contest it.  Start looking for a new place now.  Make sure who is responsible for returning your deposit.
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