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Registered: 12/22/11
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Hi All!  I'm new to this forum.  I have 2 tenants in neighboring units that can't seem to get along.  Frankly, I don't care whether or not they get along, I just don't want to hear about it every other day.  I've told both of them to knock it and be adults about this, but apparently that wasn't enough.  I'm thinking the next course of action is to have a sit down with both of them together, and tell them to learn to deal with each other, or they're both out.  Maybe have them sign an addendum stating that...

Has anyone dealt with this before?  What did you do?  Its not my job to babysit these guys and I'm tired of hearing about it.



Registered: 01/20/07
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The key is to cut them off before they regale you with the latest tale of their dispute.  As soon as one starts to report a problem with the other, you interupt with, "Did you call the police?"  When they say no, tell them as adults it is their responsibility to handle these "minor" issues and to call you if police are called.  Let them know you don't want to be disturbed with childish disputes.  Then hang up with "call me when you need something." If they try to sidestep the question, simply repeat, "DID you call police?"  Keep repeating this untill they get the message.  If they are dense and don't learn, tell them outright that you will get rid of tenants who disturb the peace - and that includes yours.


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whoa - don't get personally involved; when next they're fighting they could decide that the LL is to blame and have you ever heard that old saying 'Annie get your gun' - stay well away from them and let them fight - if they cause problems, call the police and file a complaint


Registered: 08/02/12
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I agree to be don't get personally involved, but when other tenant disturbed because of this misunderstanding you must take an action or just call a police.  
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Registered: 08/24/12
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Every tenant has the right to "quiet enjoyment". It is permissible to give each party a Three Day Notice to Perform Covenant or quit. In other words, if you don't stop this nuisance you've got 3 days to pack up and leave.

Document each time you've had to remind the tenants to keep it down.

If they don't perform, give them a Notice to Quit. There's plenty of prospective tenants to choose from... you can get folks in there that will behave.

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Welcome to Landlord.com
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