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Hoping someone may know the answer to this. I have a tenant in Virginia who required emergency plumbing-feces/urine was spilling from toilet.  Had plumber come out on Sunday (which means more expen$ive) to fix the problem.  $348 later, I find out that the cause was several (6 to be exact) tampons/napkins were pulled-and the reason for the problem.  Am I fully responsible for this? Also, the plumber explained to the tenant that this was the cause-so she is aware that it was caused by her negligence.
Thoughts? Counsel?
Many Thanks-The Landlordy

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Easy answer on my part.  Have the plumber note the cause on the receipt (noting especially that the tenant caused the problem).  Then pay the plumber & send a copy of the bill to the tenant along with the notation that it is due to you with the next month's rent and that any monies received will be first credited towards the oldest debt.  If they fail to pay the plumbing bill, you subtract the bill from the rent money they send, write a receipt that the plumber is paid, but only $XXX of the rent was paid, and send a notice that rent is lacking and due immediately. If you can accept partial payments in your state, you can post a pay or quit notice for the rest of the rent due.  If not, wait until the following month.  When they don't pay in full, I refuse partial payment of rent, post the pay or quit, and proceed to evict if it's not paid in full by the end of the pay or quit.

I put in my leases that the tenant is responsible for any tenant related repair, that any monies received will be credited towards the oldest debt first, and in my rules I tell the tenant not to flush feminine hygiene products or anything that can cause a plumbing stoppage.  This way there is no question about who pays for these types of things.

Had the plumber not found the cause of the stoppage, I would have just paid the bill.  But since this was the tenant's fault, they pay.

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Whether your lease is VRLTA or common law, you can task the tenant with the cost since the repair was due to their pay the plumber, send tenant copy of the bill, if it is not paid, it accrues as rent and is subject to late fees until paid...

You need a better lease or better move-in or home care instructions!!

To paraphrase CHER...."I've been an evil fricking property manager for 40 fricking years"....

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Hi, I think Landlord is always responsible for Plumbing related works.

Landlord knows all the existing works in his house, so it's better to take care of Plumbing by house owner.

If leased person will pay charge for plumbing then he will in loss.


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i did put in my lease that if tenant is responsible they pay.

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Bravo, OHLandlord!

My two cents here would be to document the repair with the plumbers written account and photographs whenever possible.
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