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I own a duplex that I rent out to two couples. For this post I'll call them tenant A and tenant B. I received a call from tenant A in October of last year just before the first of the month. She called me from her new cellphone but unfortunately I couldn't make out the number she left me on the voice mail. At this point I called tenant B to ask if she could call tenant A for me and get the phone number. She said "no problem but let me tell you why tenant A is calling"

Tenant A's husband lost his job because his company went bankrupt and he wouldn't even get his last paycheck so they are short rent. Not something any landlord wants to hear but, the story takes an unexpected turn.

Tenant B tells me how much she really likes Tenant A and she doesn't want to see me have to evict them or ask them to move. She doesn't want new neighbors. She offers on the phone to pick up any amount they're short that month and also says she can continue to do so until Christmas!  As I'm picking up my jaw from the floor to respond to this she adds "I only ask two things, first don't tell them that I'm doing this and second, when they get caught up on rent pay me back".

Within 90 days tenant A (the one with the problems) was all caught up with the rent and I returned all of tenant B's money to her.

Now of course situations like this are very rare but I think that it's important for stories like this to be posted since there are so many stories of horror tenants.

I have spent the 15 years I have been landlording developing a tenant screening system to select quality tenants for my rentals. I believe that if investors improve their tenant selection process we will hear more and more good tenants stories and less horror stories.

Don Conrad
Professional Landlord and Author

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Nice tenants.  It's good to hear the nice stories sometimes.  I actually belive there are many more good tenants than bad out there, but few people talk about the good ones (don't want them to get away, do we?).  I've had some great tenants over the years too, but I guess I've just never thought of posting about them. 

I had a little old lady who would never be late on rent, and wanted me to come by for coffee on the first each month so I could collect it.  (She worried if I didn't show up that day.)  She baked cookies and chatted away while I wrote her receipts for her.  She kept an eye on the property and called me if she ever saw anything unusual.  She never once complained about any other tenant, no matter how lousy they were.  She was a tue gem.  Hated to see her go, but she needed more care than her family could provide in a residential home.

One of my current tenants just painted the entire porch on his house.  Normally I don't let tenants paint, but since he is a professional painter I allowed it.  It looks beautiful and didn't cost me a dime.  They fixed the gutter while they were up there.

Another tenant sends me lottery tickets for Christmas each year in a card.  She keeps the place immaculate, is never late, and says she never wants to move out.

These types of tenants can be found, but you have to screen very carefully for them.

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My very first tenant Matt was the "almost" the perfect tenant I think. 

Never had a problem in the two years he lived there, paid early or on time, when something broke or needed fixing, he was very easy going and pleasant.  He would still be living there he said except his girlfriend got pregnant and they wanted a bigger place to raise a family.

I say "almost" above as his last month there his dog chewed up the bottom of the door and a piece of tile.  They were very old anyways so we didnt even charge him anything.


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This is a great thread. It is true we don't talk as much about the good ones, just the bad. We have been so fortunate to have so many great tenants over the past 16 years landlording. Many more good than bad.

One story is about a tenant named Jay who has rented from us for almost five years. He is a recovering alcoholic and has been clean and sober for about 7 years. He goes to AA meeting several times a week and has regained a relationship with his wife and kids. A really nice guy.

He became disabled and could not work after he had lived there about 3 years. He had applied for permanent disability but was denied. He got behind on rent for the first time in three years. He slowly doled out to my husband all he had of value as collateral, guns, his truck, paint sprayer, power washer, etc. My husband encouraged him to keep trying to get the disability because he knew he was a legitament case. After almost 9 months of no rent, but knowing it would happen, it did. He was approved for the disability! and got a check for money back from when he first applied, approx. $20,000. The first call he made was to my husband who he paid the entire back rent to plus interest.
He was so grateful for what was done for him and still lives there today.

I would not recommend any other landlord let a tenant get that far passed due, especially an inexperienced landlord, but sometimes you have to trust your heart and "pay it forward".


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Hey Azlandlord, your story is really inspiring.. but yea i personally wouldn't think of going more then 2 months no matter how good a tenant..

I do have a story to share aswell, I have this tenant.. his always late 7 days each month.. its like a habitual thing, but i never change him the late fee since he has a 8 day grace period with me.. but his the type of guy who HATES talking to me.. i mean when I called him once or twice he just says OK OK OK OK and is always in a hurry. He never calls me for anything that is wrong with the house and he re-did the entire landscape on it, keeps it super clean.. I don't think i ever had a conversation with him for more then 10 seconds and it seems like his going to cry if i try to ask him anything else.. its quite amusing actually.. Oh yea and ne doesn't give me the rent in person (since he doesn't want to see me) instead he hides it in the backyard where only I know where it is.. 
 One time i was driving by to pick it up (late at night, and he happend to me talking on the cell phone outside) and when he saw me, he literally ran inside the house and turned off all the lights-

I think my ratio is like this 10% super tenants (golden) 60% Ok tenants (pay on time, sometimes late and a service call every now and then) and 30% Horrible (always late, constant service calls)


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When i was living in an apartment i never experience a great tenant even when i migrate in Helsinki or muutto Helsinki i did not seen too a great tenant and love to hear some story about great tenant.

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I agree I've left my deposits at most places because tenant/landlord relationships were great.  There should be a be nice to your landlord day or at least pay them right.
Mary N Stamper[wink]
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