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Hello, I reclaimed possession of my house on February 24th.  The tenants moved out that day, left the doors unlocked, and the keys on the counter, as I asked them to do.  I went in February 25th.  The water had been turned off for a while it seemed (excessive urine and toilet paper in the toilet).  Okay, so the place was left in a relatively gross fashion.  But I was relieved to see that they took most everything from the main house.  However, in the basement, there was an enormous amount of belongings and trash left.  Well, the trash, I assume I'm free to dispose of.  However, what do I do with the possessions?  I'm in Missouri by the way.  There's some pretty nice stuff down in the basement.  Oh yeah, and the washer, dryer, and stove were left upstairs.  Additionally, in the shed there was left a large amount of stuff (tools, filing cabinets, books, lawn mowers, etc.).  It seems like they just decided to leave that stuff.  They left no forwarding address, and all calls and emails are being ignored.  How do I proceed?  I'm pretty sure I know where one of them works.  Should I try to touch base there?  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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Do follow MO Revised Statute 441.065 on abandoned property.  They have left the unit, returned possession to you.  You now only need to follow this law on storing the possessions and notifying them to give them a chance to retieve them.  After that, you can dispose of them as the law allows.  Make sure you document (photos of) everything they left so they don't accuse you of tossing their "prized possessions" in the trash.


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The Rent Rite Directory offers a free Rental History database to Property Managers and Owners that allows members to input as well as search evictions (before they hit public record), tenants who skip out on rent/collections, proxy renters (those who rent on behalf of unauthorized tenants ie: drug dealers, sex offenders, convicted felons), those who commit lease violations, property damage, and on-property crime. Please help share information with other Real Estate Professionals. 
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