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This is my first rental property. When I purchased the property I did not pay attention to the aging A/C. The tenants have complained about the A/C compressor freezing over. Upon inspection the A/C repair service found a few things.

1) The furnace and the outside unit are the original units from 1998/1999 still using freon.
2) The coils and furnace do not match evenly and the coils overlap the side of the furnace by a few inches. Ultimately the air is not hitting the coils and evaporating the water, causing the compressor to freeze.

I can replace just the furnace at this time while likely having to replace the coils and outside unit in the near future.
$2,488 Now
$3,196 Later


I can replace the entire unit

Does anyone have any input on how I can handle this?


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I would get more than 1 estimate and find out if this really is the case. If you do the job all at once, you should get a better price than if you split into 2 stages. Your quote shows the opposite. I find this very odd. If you have the cash flow, take whatever approach yields the best results at the lowest total cost.

Good luck.

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Its better to consult a professional for repair and replacement it will help you in saving money.

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Every things has an expiration also, so brand new is the best choice even its kinda expensive but  atleast you have no hassle of trouble after all. 

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If you can afford buying a new unit, go for it. If not, get it inspected one more time. See what suits you the best. 

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