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I have a tenant for three plus years who wants to have roommates move in with her, a younger person who apparently needs help, and also temporary people to live with her that will be interning with her church.

Her current lease does not allow for any sub-leasing. I don't want to upset her by just saying no out-of-hand, but I also am concerned about who she will move into the place. And if I DO allow her to do so, should I change the monthly rent amount?

It is a 4 bedroom 2 bath home, I am renting to her at about $200 under market since she is older and alone. She takes good care of the inside of the house, it has white carpet and it is still very clean for example.

  1. What is the appropriate response to such requests? 
  2. What should you provide to the tenant as explanation for your decision? 
  3. What can / can't you ask of them or the new roommates? (Can I ask for their names and information, etc - can I accept / reject individual people? ) 
  4. How far should I get involved? 
  5. Should I just say no? 
  6. How would I determine how much more to charge if I did allow another tenant? 
  7. What rights do I give up? i.e. how does this affect eviction etc?


Thank you!


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I would get all information from the ne people, just as if they applied to rent your place...then base your decision on that.
if you allow, do an admendment to the lease and spell out exactly what you are adding, included the time period for the temp person.
I personly would raise the rent
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