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I have been in the rental business approximately a year, so I have a lot to learn. I am hoping I can get some guidance regarding this situation. Just as a background, our lease prohibits pets and our lease prohibits property modifications without advanced consent. 

A tenant called me to fix a minor issue with duct work. When I entered the basement, I noticed damage to the stairwell. It appeared to me the damage was from a dog scratching the door and walls, and chewing the handrail. Further investigation revealed excrement that had been mostly cleaned up. When the tenant was questioned about this, they stated that a friend had brought their dog over for a weekend.

Additionally, I noticed that a door had been nailed shut in the basement. The door is to an old coal chute room (the house was built in the 1930's). When the tenant asked about why the door was nailed shut, they stated it was to keep it shut.

I am afraid if I simply overlook these issue, the property will suffer significant damage before the lease is up (I have 5 more months to go). My first thought is to send a certified letter to the tenant, outlining the issues and reminding them of terms of the lease (just so the issue is documented). Additionally, I would plan to make routine inspections (monthly) to make sure no additional signs of animals are present and no further damage has occurred.

Any guidance from the group would be much appreciated


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I keep the following clause in my lease regarding pets.  Violation results in an automatic fine of $300 and can result in eviction.  I would also send a letter stating your expectations regarding the damage - the condition it was in when they rented the place, the charges they can expect if not returned in the same condition, etc.

NO PETS ALLOWED. No pets, whether the lesseeā€™s or not, are permitted anywhere on the property, even temporarily, without the prior written approval of the Lessor.If a pet is found on the property, the Lessor may take any or all of the following actions:

  1. Declare the lessee to be in violation of the lease agreement and begin eviction proceedings accordingly
  2. Charge the lessee an additional rent of $10 per day until the pet is removed
  3. Remove and turn over the pet to the proper authorities after providing written notice of intention to do so

Lessee will also be charged for any damages caused by the unauthorized pet and for any removal costs.

I wrote a comprehensive guide to dealing with pets - you can download it for free for more Pet Addendum tips.

AccidentalRental - Helping Homeowners Become Landlords


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Excellent information! I have a no pets clause in my lease but not to the extent you have. I will be updating my lease to include much of what you have mentioned - Thank you 
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