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New to all this and need some advice. I leased my home in pennsylvania to 3 people, well two of them moved out almost immediately, leaving the other one behind. he subsequently had his girlfriend and daughter move in. They paid the rent for a few months(6) then started making partial payment that was eventually paid a few weeks late, always offering an excuse. then I could not reach them, sent people over(I'm out of state) to check in with no response either, Finally I had enough and filed eviction papers, by the time it was all processed, they were gone. I just returned to my house to check the condition, it has over 5000.00 in damages, windows broken, moulding torn down, holes and nails in walls, new walls put up but done horribly most rugs stained or burned heavily etc etc.

I need to know what my recourse is? I found some papers that indicate the person staying there has a history of non payment spanning back quite a few years,..... we used a rental agency who supposedly did a background check on the 3 people who signed the lease, I didn't have to pay them anything to do that, so not sure if I can hold them liable for anything.

Any advice is appreciated as I am new to this. it's sucks that people have such blatent disregard for other peoples property. I will never lease again, so I'm stuck just paying the two mortgages as i do not want to sell that home, especially in this market.. Please please let me know what I can reasonably expect or do??????


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If you have their personal info (social security #s) and hopefully had a good lease in place, you can sue for damages.

Garnish their wages, if you can, until the damages are paid off. Document everything (photograph and videotape everything before having it fixed). You will need evidence in court.

Good Luck.
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