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In a few weeks I will be fully launching for managing apartments and properties. Our goal is to keep the software simple and easy so we are focusing on only features that will save time, effort and money. Dwell Check has three main areas: Apartment and Tenant management, Rent and Invoicing (including online payments with PayPal) and Maintenance and Service Requests.

The site is currently available for use for free using the two week trial button. You can also subscribe for the newsletter to see what is coming next.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - Dwell Check is fully functional but it isn't done. If you have a feature that your current solution is missing, let us know. We are building the list of what is included in the next version right NOW. Have you been hoping someone would come up with a way to make being a landlord easy? Let us know and we can help.

Check out


Online Property Management Software

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Hi Michael,

It looks promising! I am using VerticalRent ( They are rolling out features quickly and it's nearly free.

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