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Hi, All.
For the second time recently, a tenant has reported a broken refrigerator. Both refrigerators were basically brand new. The first I replaced, but now I'm suspicious. And this one was literally bought right before the current tenants moved in. Seems like each time, the fridge "doesn't get cold enough." Any thoughts about this -- is there a common thing tenants do that break fridges? And any idea who is responsible or what I should do about it?

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It is unlikely tenant have broken your fridge. It must be co-incident. Used Freeze are cheap under $100 you can try another one.

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"Basically brand new" isn't new. How old are these things? Where are you getting them from? Why aren't you buying new refrigerators? 

You buying cheap refrigerators and them not working isn't suspicious. 

If they do something wrong to damage it or cause it to not work properly, it is on them. If you give them a refrigerator and it happens to now work properly, it's on you. 

My thoughts are for you to go check it out. Is it cold? Put a thermometer in there, make sure the refrigerator settings are correct, and make sure the thing isn't so crammed that there is no air circulation. We had a tenant fill his freezer to the max with pork that wasn't even frozen to begin with and then complained when it wouldn't freeze it all. We replaced the first one (although we held on to it and it worked fine), but when it happened again a week later, we knew it was him overfilling it. We took back the second one and he had to buy a new refrigerator. 

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Is the freezer cold but not the fridge?
Call an appliance repair person.  It could be something the tenant is doing (For instance, stuffing the freezer so full that cold air can't get to the fridge, or failing to defrost so long that the ice buildup blocks the air).  It could be a simple part (the automatic defrost may not be working - may need a new timer.  That would keep the cold air from entering the fridge.)  A repair person can tell you.

Used fridges should be purchased from reputable dealers who offer warranties on their appliances.
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