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Hi, All.
For the second time recently, a tenant has reported a broken refrigerator. Both refrigerators were basically brand new. The first I replaced, but now I'm suspicious. And this one was literally bought right before the current tenants moved in. Seems like each time, the fridge "doesn't get cold enough." Any thoughts about this -- is there a common thing tenants do that break fridges? And any idea who is responsible?

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Put in lease that such appliances are furnished but if they fail you are not responsible for their repair/replacement. Only their removal...
Even if such appliances are under warranty. You don't want that headache. Many a fridge has been murdered by over-packing or children who leave the door open.

After the tenants move you they may offer to sell you X appliances. Do so but at what you feel they are worth and check working condition.


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Many times, the fridge doesn't get cold enough because either the freezer is overcrowded or packed up with ice.  The cold air can't get down to the fridge part.  Sometimes it is a simple part (defrost timer, fan).  If you provide appliances, always have a good repair person.  Fix them, do not buy another.  In Ohio, and many other states, law says if you provide them, you must maintain them.  No option for Megaputz's clause.
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