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I've been a landlord for 14 years now, but I only own one duplex.  I recently had both tenants move out.  I have been struggling to get it back into shape for rerental.  As most of you know, renters don't usually take care of what doesn't belong to them.  Is there any stimulus money out there to help me pay for repairs?  Do I have to be an LLC to qualify for small business stimulus?


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There is an appliance stimulus program now.  You can replace old energy wasting appliances with new energy efficient ones and get a rebate.  No LLC required.  Look for the energy star appliance symbol.  That might let you replace broken appliances.  There are no rehab plans that I know of.

There are also buyer stimulus packages.  First time home buyer programs are about to end, but owners of current homes may be able to get a stimulus to buy another home.  see


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Homeostatic imbalances that can serve as internal stimuli include nutrient and ion levels in the blood blood pressure oxygen levels and water levels. show no money owed to any landlords and have verifiable income .

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