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I know, I know there probably isn't because only the us government can dip into some one's SSI, but certianly not lowely o'l landlords... I am figuring the dead beat tenants that put about half dozen holes in wall, cat/dog poop on floor, cigarette butts on floor, trash every where, walls filthy, carpet filthy, junk every where, owes water bill past and presnt one coming, and even some how one of the fat bastadges managed to some how jump on the floor so hard they put two holes busted into a floor up stairs.. The paint was new when they moved in, now I will be lucky if cleaning walls and some paint touch up will make place so so.

From my experience the majority of SSI or welfare suckers seem to be lazy, incosiderate slobs that don't care because they know the system won't make them care... Maybe I'm wrong and no doubt there are some that do keep a clean, non bug infested, no holes in walls place...Just wish I could find such a tenant!

Anyhow got side tracked(as I usually do), any one have any ideas on collecting from SSI dead beats? Or am I most likely stuck with running up my totals owed wise, and sending it off to a collection agency, that will know more than apt they won't get any thing and probably won't spend didly for time on the case collecting..

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Kurt. I'm afraid you know the answer to this question even before you ask it.  You can't garnish SS wages.  Unless he has some other type of income coming in, you will not be able to collect.  You can go to small claims and get a judgment against him, that will hurt his credit.  When he next tries to buy a car or get that rent to own stuff, payday loan, or other installment type payment agreement, it will hurt him.  But you probably won't ever get your money.  Just like s8 tenants, these people aren't collectable  Sorry.

There are people on SS, SSI, and disability that deserve it.  Undoubtedly, there are those who pay their bills on time, keep their places neat, and take good care of what you provide for them.  I have had a few like that.  But I have also had those like you just ran into.  They are deadbeats, trash the place, and always pay late (if at all).  I don't know what the solution to them is.  Since there are no debtor's laws left, there's no way to hold them accountable.  Clean it up, bite the bullet, and rent on I guess.  Sorry.
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