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The new tenants moved in 2 months ago. Two weeks later they complained the microwave was not working, so we replaced a new one. Then by end of first month they said there were problems with clothes washer, refrigerator and garage door. In the meantime, the tenants sent us emails and messages requesting new replacements otherwise would withhold rent to escrow account. But we just got professionals to fix them. At the end of 2 months, they told us the clothes dryer is having noise and being too hot. We are going to hire a vent cleaning company to clean the vent because we think the dryer being too hot should be vent clogging.

My question is can we just leave the dryer as is since it is running and the only problem seems to be just the noise? The tenants told us the dryer sometimes would not dry but I highly doubt it because I think she just want to get a new dryer. FYI, all the appliances were working before they moved in, it is not very likely that so many would break after such a short time.

My question is if we do so, is there any risk for us? As far as I understand, the tenants can only open escrow account from court when landlords ignore the fixing issue for so long. And is a dryer considered as a critical appliance that has to be fixed? Having some noise is something that has to be fixed or not?

Thank you very much for any suggestions.


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if the dryer is included and states so in lease it is a critical appliance...however if it has noise and otherwise works, I would consider it fine.
as for the other issues...sounds very fishy to me.

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My tenants said frig had water flowing out, was making a grinding noise and smelled like burnt wiring. I was doubtful but replaced it with a used unit; figuring that service fees would match a replacement. I paid the appliance service $35 to check out the old unit. Sure enough, none of the mentioned issues were found by the serviceman. The unit compressor ran longer because it is older but none the less, worked fine. I plan to reduce their security deposit by the amount of the appliance service bill.
julia watts
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