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My tenants are demanding HUGE compensation for delayed ceiling repairs. Repairs began in early Dec; tenants called in mid-Jan complaining that two rooms were unusable (the one being repaired and the one where they had to store all the furniture from the one being repaired). That was the first I heard that the repairs weren't finished! (I assumed the job had been finished in a few days.) I fired the contractor, found a new one and had the repairs completed.

But my tenants are now demanding a HUGE reduction in their rent. I think they bear some responsibility cause they never told me the repairs were ongoing (I can't fix something if I don't know it's broken!) I agree they are entitled to some compensation, but they're asking for too much.

Anyone know what my rights are and/or what they are reasonably "owed" for this situation??




I hate to say it but if you can't come to an agreement-you need some help with this situation.

Two options-one is to see if your state or community has any resources for third party mediators or arbitrators who deal with this sort of thing and if the tenant will agree to work one.

Option two-serve a notice to pay the outstanding rent or quit and go to court to let a judge help you with those amounts. Actually judges can be quite fair in this type of situation-but the cost of going to court may be more than the reductions the tenants want.

It's true most judges will agree with you and tell the tenants they need to inform you of any problems immediately.

Good luck

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