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Our renter moved out three weeks ago. As per California law we refunded her deposit no less than three weeks after she moved out. However, her dogs did some extensive damage to three of the doors. Several days after we refunded her deposit less the damage repair costs (with a copy of the bill) she told us that she wanted to repair the damage herself. We already have a professional fixing the damage. Does she have legal right to demand she can fix this damage herself? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to add that there is other damage to the yard and fencing around the house from her dogs. We made the decision that because the cost of repair to the doors was so much that we would not charge her for these other repairs.



No! You did the correct thing and once you return the deposit to her-it's all done.

If she wanted to fix things-she sort of should have thought about that BEFORE she moved out....



My tennant has left the carpet in horrible condition. If it can't be revived with professional cleaning, can I legally charge more then the cleaning cost to help offset the replacement?




Unless your state has some type of limit set-you can charge whatever it costs-which may even exceed the deposit amount causing you to have to bill your tenant.

But don't despair-if it's a decent quality carpet you can probably actually get it cleaned up with effort and a really good cleaning company.



You cannot charge for an enitire new carpet, you haveto pro-rate the carpet life. eg if you have to replace after one year and you normally would have had to replace after 5 years, you can charge 4/5.




Actually-it depends on the damage. We had a unit with extensive dog damage (carpet was ripped, etc) and we legally charged for an entire replacement.

Also if they totally trash a brand new carpet and it can't be fixed you can charge for it.




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