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Hi, I am the same one who wrote the post directly below.  You can read that to get background.

These tenants have been difficult and I wonder if they are playing with me now.

As I wrote below they made all kinds of threats regarding the deposit, got a lawyer involved when it was not necessary, etc.

So I send the remainder deposit with accounting to them by may the 11th of this month.  Way ahead of the 21 st deadline.

Today, the 21st, I get the same letter back as "undeliverable" from the post office.

I checked the address and it's the exact address he gave to send back the deposit.

So today I text the attorney and my prior tenants because the attorney has been totally non responsive.  I wanted to make sure they get the message.

I tell them the problem and "how can I get the deposit back to you"???

What is weird is that no one is answering me back.  It's been hours.  

Are they trying to set me up for something?

I will of course keep the stamped envelope as evidence.


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I would not worry about it, just keep the unopened envolope

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See my post on the other thread.
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