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My apartment management gave us less than 24 hour notice on a major construction upgrade to our apartment balcony. There was nothing wrong with it, but they deemed it required as part of them renovating the apartment gym (which is directly below my apartment). The balcony construction has been going on for 4 days now, and we basically have to crate up our cats so they don't run out the door every day, they asked us to clear a path for the construction workers, and they have a whole team of workers stomping through my apartment all day long.

I don't think this is right. I feel like my private space has been violated: They left a big mess in my apartment and they left the door wide open when I got home from work. I need quiet time in there because I go to college online. We didn't ask for this and are not getting any benefit for putting up with it.

Do I have any legal grounds in Atlanta to request they put me, girlfriend, cats, and valuables in a hotel until the construction is complete? What should I do if they refuse?

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They have a right to do renovations.  However, you have the right to peaceful enjoyment of your rented area.  If their renovations will infringe on your rights for an unreasonable amount of time, you are entitled to compensation.  Why does it take 4 days to remove and replace a railing or install a different wall covering?  What are they doing that takes so long?  You should ask for a rent adjustment for the inconvenience of this disruption.  Explain to management that the workers have made a mess your unit, they do not secure it properly, that your pets (assuming they are allowed) are caged all day and are scared of all the noise and confinement, and that you cannot do your college work.  Negotiate a reasonable amount to compensate you.  They should have given you a proper 24 hour notice and explained the scope of the work prior to starting.
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