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Ive posted before about this, but i will refresh.

I rent to 2 girls.
I had thier electric in my name. They ran the bill up to $409 then I made them switch it to thier name, and paid it so it would not ruin my credit.
I have gotten $105 from them of it, so they still owe me $304 from that.

One just moved out, rent is due today for the last month she lived thier (she moved out this week) I need her half of the rent.

The other one is still thier but I just told her she had one month left. She has not paid today either for this month, then I doubt she will pay the full month by herself next month either.

What do I do? (i know i have screwed alot up like having them pay at the end of the month, and electric in my name. I have now learned)

How do I prove they have not payed me for the rent, what about the electricty? Any advice would be GREAAATLY appreciated!

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Well to address the electric issue you will need to see what your lease agreement states. Within the Lease agreeement it should state who is responsible for the utility bills. If you dont have a lease agreement then you might have a bit of the a problem, but to try and get your money you will need to file in small claims.

As for the rent that is due. This would also be a small claims case. You will just need to show how long they have lived in the rental, how much the should have paid you, and how much they actually did.

I would try to get forwarding addresses for them before they move out so you know where all of the paperwork needs to go. Then go down to your local court house and start failing paperwork.

Hope this helps

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I just had them sign a month-to-month contract like a month or 2 ago.
It stated they were responsible for utility bills on thier own.

They were thier for a while before i made the written contract, before it was just a verbal contract.

I didnt give them reciepts or scan checks/cash i got from them on rent.
This makes it harder to prove what they have and havent paid.

What if I text message them asking when they will pay the rent they owe and the electric they owe me, maybe they will reply and say in 2 weeks or something. Then I can plug my cell phone into my laptop and print off the conversation. Would this be valid? I imagine calling them and recording that conversation would be illegal?

thank you!

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You can print off text messages or e-mail for court.  In most places, since this is a written form of communication (although electronically written) it is valid in court.  It is illegal to record conversations.  Right now I would do this:  Make an invoice up on your computer.  List all the rents that have been owed over the length of time they lived there & what amounts (& when) they have paid.  Then show the amount of rent now owed.  Farther down the same invoice, list all the utility bills you have received that they owe for & list how much you have received and when from these tenants.  Then list how much they still owe you on these.  Give them a deadline to pay.  Make this invoice out to both girls jointly.  Hand deliver a copy to the girl still in the unit and mail a copy to the other girl.  (If no forwarding address, mail it to the rental address in hopes she left a forwarding address with the post office.)  If no forwarding address, it will come back to you -file it unopened in their file.  Keep a copy of this invoice for your records.  When it comes time for SCC, you can show the court that you billed the tenants for these amounts, but they failed to pay them in full and provide the invoice as proof.  It will show that you gave them credit for their payments.  Good luck.


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Cool i got the one who still lives thier to say:

Me - "Do you have rent?"

Her - "No my money is goin for me a place to live.....i had 200 dollars in my hand for you till you kicked me out the other day. Guess you shouldn't have been a dick so quick."
Then she said: "Maybe (other girl who rented with her name here) has moeny for you ...ha ...ha"

Me - "When are you going to be out. Im not a dick i want someone dependable. When will u have the payment its late. U owe half the 325 and u guys owe 300 still on electric. I didnt make u pay a deposit so i dont owe u that."
"BTW the law says u only have to pay for the days on thier this month. So u have to let me know when ur gone to stop the contract"

She hasnt replied to any of that now.

So Im thinking the other one isnt going to pay either now. I sent the other girl tons of text messages telling her rent is past due, she wont reply at all to me.

Now what should I do, i guess just write up the final bill and somehow get it to them?


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Obviously they are not going to reply to your text messages.  Either they are ignoring them, or they haven't paid the cell phone bill and it has been turned off.  I would go ahead and give them both invoices of what they currently owe.  Do this before both of them move out. 

I guess you do not know where they are moving to.  Do you know where they work?  You could try sending a copy of that invoice to them at their work address.  Make sure the letter is clearly addressed to them, and NOT the company they work for.  (Jane Doe, 123 Main St., Anytown;  and NOT Jane Doe, ABC Company, 123 Main St.)  You may want to mark the letter personal. 

If you have a written authorization to pull their credit check (as you should have when they moved in)  You could try pulling that again in a few months.  It may show up a new address for them.  I'm guessing that they are going to skip out on any money they owe you and you will have to go after them for it.

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oh they both work at a fast food place in town. This is a small 2500 population town, it isnt too hard to find them thats not a problem.

Yea i have tried some more on getting the other one that has already moved out to reply. I texted her that it would be cheaper for her to pay now then to pay it later.

I didnt tell her what i meant by that

No they both have thier cell phones they are just ignoring me, they wouldn't not pay something that would hurt THEM.

ill get those invoices wrote up tomorrow and get them to them. i think ill give them like 1 month to pay it all or half or something.
What should i do about the one still living in thier, cuz i cant write on the invoice what she still owes? Probably write owes AS OF date?


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Exactly.  As of xx/xx/07 this is her invoice.  Same as a credit card statement.  Note on it that "This includes charges up to ____ date."  If more charges accrue, update the invoice with those charges and any payments she or the other girl paid, and send it to her again.  Good luck.

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