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my bad tenant run away 16000 from me,I know it is hard to collect,but I want to put her on bad credit,any suggestion,I have her  ss number,place of word and driver licence number

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You might as well try.

You can go straight to a collection agency.

You can file a claim at the local landlord-tenant court.  You will need the full address of her work.

I always start with a letter or phone call stating exactly what I am going to do.  Explain that it may ruin their credit.

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I don't expect to collect the back rent,but I want to put her on bad credit so that she can not harm another landlord again,as far as I known and I been deal with her on court,all I can say is she is a profession tenant,that does this every year,and the law is helping her to rob the landlord,here name is francis coletes,African American,landlord near the bayside and little artea be careful about her,onece you rent the place to her the headach will begin.

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Just FYI, a judgment on a credit report is not a huge deal. The initial hit can be pretty drastic, but within a couple years the effect is pretty minimal. People can get credit cards (good ones) and finance cars with open judgments on their credit reports.
(insert standard disclaimer about this not being legal advice)

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Collection agency will be very helpful for you for sure,to be honest i did not yet experience your situation cause even i migrate in Helsinki or muutto Helsinki i am still lucky with my tenant and i never been have a problem with them.

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I agree put it on their credit it will hurt them trust me.  My credit score is low and it hurts me.  Also you could plaster their name all over the internet through  Write your story using their full name a lot.  Every time any part of their name is punched into a search engine their name come up with the story and their name/s are highlighted.  It's pretty cool and ruins their name.  Loveabl1[idea]
Mary N Stamper[wink]
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