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My parent own a three floor apartment with a store on the first floor, which my parent operates. Last November we had a tenant of three renting the front apartment on the third floor after our last one moved. It was our second tenant, and since the last one is very good and nice we have good expectations with this one. But it was just not to be.

Within the first week of them moving in, police came twice, one because the cousin of the wife had beaten up a kid around the street and ran hiding to their apartment, and second time because the mother in law keep coming to check them out and they locked her out. The mother in law called the cops to get in. With the six years of us owing the building, we never have any cops coming in. We start to have a bad feeling of this. I went up to talk to the husband and he promised it won't happen again.

Second issue occur when they brought a very good base system, the sound is shaking my walls and it felt like is hammering on us (we live on the second floor), again I went talk to the husband, this was still during the good times and he was nice, lowering the sound, we can still hear it and is annoying but at least is not shaking the walls anymore.

They also demanding us to get him a new stove since the old one's oven didn't work and they HAVE to have the oven in order to cook. We got it for them. Then he came down saying the sink is overflowing, which is strange because we know we have filters in the sink, when we went to check, behold, he had removed the filter and just throw everything down there.

Also, during the winter months we noticed that they had the heat on 90 degree the whole day, even when they're not even home, but since they paying their own utility, I didn't think much of it.

Biggest issue was during the months of March and April. The couple had a huge argument and the wife left (she even took the strollers for the daughter), during the two months the husband rarely work, rarely went out, instead he had a group of friends (around ten of them) coming in and out the building all day, I kid not, is really ALL day. If won't be so bad is these are good people, instead they were all teenagers that hang around the street all day with nothing to do. Doors start to be slammed every so often, and is rarely locked.

I talked to the husband once and he told me that they were his family visiting from PR and should be out in a month, they didn't and I recognized alot of them from the block. By the end of April, he made mentions that there seem to have mosquitoes in the house and he worry about the health of his wife and daughter, I made mention of haven't saw his wife in months, he said because she's on vocation and should be back soon, problem in that is we saw the wife around the street from time to time.

Anyways, within three weeks after I mentioned about his wife, she came back. The stream of guest stopped immediately, but the music also resumed. But we can live on that.

All was well till one of their frequent guest robbed us in the store, my parent was outraged and dad made the mistake of telling the husband that he have to move out. The husband retaliated.

First, he is moving out, however, will do so at his OWN pace, and if he took months to find another apartment, then he will not pay rent for it.

And if we sue them, it will take months to actually go to court and even if we go to court he can simply said that he is out of job, his wife is also out of job and he had a daughter to support, which will make the court to give him few months of free rent. Theses are his exact words, and his threat. 

He stop pay rent this month, and is currently living on his security deposit, every time he saw us he made this disgusted face as we were the one wronged him. On last saturday, he dragged me up to his apartment and begin to shout, curse, pointing at the kitchen were fruit flies gathered. Saying how dirty my apartment is, which he failed to point to the dirty dishes that no doubt attracted the fruit files in the first place.

The building is over eighty year old and its not on its top shape, he started to point out where and where have fallen apart (which is all small and easy to fix), where and where have holes which allow mice to come through and showed me his garbage bags which the mice had poked holes (again he failed to mention that he had garbage bag for days, piling it up). 

He threaten to call 311 on us, report us and spent an hour telling us how much trouble and violation we going to get fined. Again repeating that he will not pay anymore rent, again repeat the scenario about court. At the end, he finally reached the whole point of the argument. Give him 2,000 dollar and he'll call a broker and move out immediately. 

He is extorting us, and we know it, but we also believe 2,000 dollar is reasonable if we can really get him out so we agreed, will give him the money once he return out keys. He got a long lease and we'll think of this as fine for breaking the lease early as he only 7 months into his two year lease. I caught him on monday, asking him again if he found a place (he been looking for a month) he said no, and told me not to rush him, if we do, he'll call his mom and call 311 on us and again repeat the court thingy.

I told him we have a deal, he would get a broker which will find a place for him fast, he said that he can't just move to any place, he need one he likes and we can't rush him. I told him we can't let him live here indefinably, especially with the deal, he can't find a suitable apartment in two three months, then he'll stay rent free for two three months? He finally said that if he can't find a place by the end of month, he'll rather move back to his mothers rather than staying, again going through how broken the apartment is.

Now I just wish he is a man of his words and move out within the end of this month. Another thing, he had stopped paying his gas bill for the last three months because he felt is charging him two much, again failed to mention that he had the heater on 90s even when no one was there.

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I would suggest you research finding any and all very good "Tenant Rules" or "House Rules" addendums for your rentals. That way you can reasonable REGULATE the tenant's behavior, including music and the times and level of noise allowed. Google, "House rules, Tenant Rules" for a starter. Find those that apply to you and then have your attorney put them in a form legally suitable for you situation. Could be a God-send for you and minimizing the problems you have with misbehaving tenants.


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Yes I will have to.

We were very unprepared for this sort of issue (though I am sure this is not even the worst tenant) mainly because our former tenant were just that nice and good and we had our hope up that, well, it couldn't be that bad. And since we are still rather new at this landlord job, we do wanna be nice and treat our tenants with good will.

A rude awakening.
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