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I'm having good results with CimeXa dust.  Not available in stores.  Have to order from various places online.  Amazon is good.

It is a the silica gel you get packed in beef jerky to keep it dry.  Except far more microscopic.  It behaves like smoke.

Instructions are to puff the smallest amount into cracks, along baseboards and area.  Just a barely visible layer.  If you leave piles of it, bedbugs will walk around it. 

If you have construction and exposed walls, you can mix it in water and spray on the wood and drywall (no painted, or exposed surfaces) where it can work for 10 years!

It works by getting into the waxy cuticle of the BB and causes the bed bug to dehydrate and die within hours.

Non-toxic, safe for pets.  May cause respiratory problems.  WEAR A MASK WHEN APPLYING THIS STUFF!!

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