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I'm having good results with CimeXa dust.  Not available in stores.  Have to order from various places online.  Amazon is good.

It is a the silica gel you get packed in beef jerky to keep it dry.  Except far more microscopic.  It behaves like smoke.

Instructions are to puff the smallest amount into cracks, along baseboards and area.  Just a barely visible layer.  If you leave piles of it, bedbugs will walk around it. 

If you have construction and exposed walls, you can mix it in water and spray on the wood and drywall (no painted, or exposed surfaces) where it can work for 10 years!

It works by getting into the waxy cuticle of the BB and causes the bed bug to dehydrate and die within hours.

Non-toxic, safe for pets.  May cause respiratory problems.  WEAR A MASK WHEN APPLYING THIS STUFF!!


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My bug guy sprays for bed bugs and roaches. He makes you get the house ready for him to spray and he will get them in 2 treatments or he will come back for free. I had him spray my secretary’s 1,000 sq. foot house for bed bugs and she had roaches too. She had to get rid of the couch that was infested. There was only one room with carpet in the house. He charged me $250.00 for the entire bill. I didn't see him spray the house but I did see him spray the company car. He wet the seats down so much that the seats where soaked. The bill listed over 20 chemicals. My tenant has dogs, cats, pet rats in the house and kids. No pets died (:

House smelled normal 4 hours after he sprayed.

My bug guy charges $100 to $150 to kill roaches. He sprays them and kills them in one treatment if they aren’t bad and 2 treatments if they are bad. Will come back for free if he doesn't get them. 

He said he could charge more but he would rather charge less and stay busy.

Hope my numbers help.

I’m In NW Ohio


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I initially ran the carpet cleaner, then and steamed.

Then alternated weekly with treatments of TempridFX ($8 per application - makes 1 gallon, enough to spray all the edges of the unit) and Cimexa dust ($10 worth and I still have leftover in the container) over a one month period. - Temprid one week, then Cimexa the next.  Last Cimexa treatment I made sure all wall voids were well dusted before sealing up the switch plates and carpet edges.

No more bedbugs in the CO2 traps.  The sticky glue traps were useless.  Save your $$ and don't buy them.

Instead, get some stainless steel dog dishes at the dollar store for a buck and some dry ice.  See youtube for dry ice bedbug traps for instructions.

No bedbugs found floating in the water sucked up by the carpet cleaner.

No more bedbugs found clinging under the tarps when I painted.

I'm confident that there are no more bedbugs.

Cost - TempridFX in the little bottles 2x$8 ($16), Home Depot Sprayer, Cimexa dust ($10), Bellows duster ($16) Steamer ($60), and I already had the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner.


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Another note - for units that may be empty for a few weeks or more, spray and dust with  Cimexa UNDER the refrigerator.

Many people neglect the kitchen because they say bedbugs don't go there because there are no hosts there.

Well, when there are no tenants for them to feed on, bedbugs use their hunting senses to search for heat and carbon dioxide that indicates an animal to feed off.

In a cold, empty apartment what they get instead is the pilot light in the gas stove and the heat exchanger in the refrigerator!

I pulled out the fridge to clean back there and found dozens of dead bedbugs from when I sprayed TempridFX and dusted Cimexa there in the beginning.  Be careful not to spray on counter or food prep surfaces.

Suprising I only found a few cockroaches.  But maybe not so, since the building pays for roach extermination treatments.

Cockroaches btw are the natural hunters of bed bugs.... but only if they wander into the areas with food that roaches roam.

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