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We recently moved out of our apartment of 3 years. We kept our place very clean and never wore shoes on the carpet. When we gave our notice I asked for a walk through to make sure there weren't going to be any charges for anything. They scheduled it, they never showed up or call me. I tried rescheduling a second time and why I needed it done. They then told me that they do not discuss any charges for damages or anything of the sort. That they just check to make sure we're moving out.
Ok, so when after everything was moved out. I took about 80 pictures of our place. It was just like we moved in. I even went out and had paint mixed to match the walls to touch up the bruises from moving our stuff out.

We get our final move out statement and it says there is a "cleaning fee" of 132.00 nothing itemized or anything just says cleaning. I've contacted asking them why are they charging this fee when the apartment was spotless. They haven't gotten back to me since then.

I went by our old apartment and noticed our patio was filled with debris. I walked up and they have the place completely gutted the sinks, cabinets, light fixtures and carpet is ripped up. How are they going to charge a "cleaning fee" if they just went and tore the place apart and they're renovating it?
I took pictures and video of this as well. This to me is a very shady practice.

Btw were in Southern California, I'm not sure about the laws out here and stuff. But I do plan on taking them to small claims for this. But any input will be appreciated.

Thank you

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I can't tell you the laws for CA.  But in OH, a "cleaning fee" would not fly.  Deposit statements here need to be detailed.  The statement would say something like, "Clean soap scum off shower doors, clean mildewed tile, remove food and wash out kitchen cabinets, clean dirty oven, etc."  Just "cleaning" wouldn't be detailed enough for our courts.

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