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We are the renter's in this case. We have been waiting 18 days now to hear back from the landlords about our security deposit. We were not sent a notice of right to an initial inspection and during the "final inspection" the landlords had several groups of people walking througb making estimates for putting in air conditioning and so on. During this time the professional cleaners we had cleaning were also there. The LL only noted a dent in the wall and said everything else looked good. Now she has come back with the wall, a gash in the (very poor quality) hardwood (it's pine) and additional cleaning because the new tenants are allergic to pets and we have a dog (allowed in the lease). She says she will mail the check out after she gets the final invoice on Monday which will be day 21 (CA has a 21 day limit for returning deposits) so it is highly likely it will not be sent out until much later (she told us several time she was waiting on estimates..that just kept getting pushed back). I know that by not sending us the notice for an initial inspection (which, had we known about these things, we would have fixed) and by taking too long to return the deposit, they don't really have a leg to stand on, but we don't want to be like that we just want the majority of our large deposit back since we don't feel having to do a specialized cleaning for the next tenants should fall on us. It should also be noted that the owners have a dog and who knows how much of the dander would be from it.
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