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Hi Folks

I have 2 buildings in NYC that are all tenant apartments.  Many times the tenants are not there but I need a right to enter for repairs/extermination, etc.  What's the best way to enter the unit with the tenant not there?  Do you normally send in your property mgr to be onsite while the technician is in the unit after giving notice? 



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In Virginia, we have to give 24-hour notice unless it is an emergency or the tenant contacted us requesting repairs. We usually email them, or if we know far enough in advance, we will use snail mail. I don't know how NYC differs (you may need 48-hour notice, you may need to notify them even if they requested the maintenance, you may not be able to do it via email, etc.). Have you looked up the actual law in NYC yet?

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There doesn't appear to be a statute in NY or NYC but you must give "reasonable" notice which has been interpreted by the courts to mean 24 hours.  I found this from Street Easy.

I would make sure you document their approval to enter every time if possible.  If no response, document that you made repeated attempts to reach them within a reasonable timeframe before entering the unit. Unless it's an emergency, you generally shouldn't be entering their unit without their consent.

I would never send in a tech or repairman unsupervised. You are asking for trouble if you do that.

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