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Just had some tenants break lease and of course no forwarding address was given. It's only been about a week, so I'm not sure anything would be registered as of yet. In your experience(s) what is the best way to find someone?


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A few ways:
Periodically check municipal court records.  Look under the details tab.  One traffic ticket and you have their new address.

Send an empty envelope to your rental address with the words ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED under your return address.  The post office will forward it to them and send you a postcard with the new address on it.

Re-pull their credit check in a few months.  New accounts may show up with the new address.

Be crafty and call the LOCAL utility company.  Tell them you want to be sure they have the forwarding for the tenants.  (Can't quite read their writing - is that an "R" or "t"?  Half the time the clerk will read it to you.)

Check with the rent-a-center people.  Many tenants rent to own items and those people will often fall for the sob story and give you an address.

Do you know where they work?  Call there.  Or wait until they get off work and see where they go.

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Tried some of those already with no luck. I know they are in the same city and knowing where they work probably very close to where they just left. Sent the letter out hoping the post office has something and can get that back to me this week. Time will tell I guess.


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If you know where they work, you can have them served there for the civil judgment.  Keep an eye on the municipal court records.  All it takes is one traffic ticket and you can get their address.


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Reply with quote  #5   check the court records for pending court cases
cynthia schmidt

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One of the greatest challenges a landlord faces is finding responsible tenants to occupy his or her Rental Property Management. Background credit checks  may provide some clues about an applicant's level of fiscal responsibility, but they won't necessarily reveal anything about his or her housekeeping habits. A personal letter of recommendation could vouch for an applicant's personal character, but say little about his or her ability to pay the rent on time. So what would be the best way for a landlord to find a tenant? There are several tried-and-true methods, but each has its pros and cons to consider.

Some landlords find a tenant by taking a scattershot approach. This means broadcasting the rental property's availability to as many potential applicants as possible. Placing an advertisement in a local newspapers classified section could generate a number of leads. Posting a flyer at local gathering spots such as laundromats, student centres, grocery stores and public libraries may also prompt calls from interested parties. Placing a "For Rent" sign on the property itself could also let potential renters know of its availability.

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Property Investment

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I haven't experienced this yet and I hope I won't. Ever. But thank you for the useful tips. I learn something new in this forum every time I log in!

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You can check the Rent Rite Directory's Free Incident Reporting Database to see if they are in there. Their new information may be up to date, and if not, feel free to input their information into the system to give a heads up to their next landlord. 

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