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Here in California, I've had a tenant leave and break lease after 5 months into a 12-month lease. I've found another tenant to take his place without losing a day's rent, but it was a major hastle. Apart from the costs incurred through his leaving the place in a mess, should I legally have to repay him the balance of the deposit? I sure don't feel like doing so (must have put 40 hours into dealing with all of this), but the law may be against me. Anybody know? 

Thank you all,


Steve Sloane

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Does your lease have a lease break fee included in it?  If your lease does describe a lease break fee, then you would be entitled to deduct that from the deposit. Otherwise, you are only entitled to the actual damages you suffered (cost of unexpected turnover such as cleaning, painting, advertising, processing applications, etc)


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Hi Steve,
Yes you can only collect cost of turning unit plus days you were out of rent. CA doesn't allow double rent collection.

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