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Basically long story short, I live in a building in downtown los angeles that is for low-income. I heard from someone today that the building is way under code (which it is) and because this is a historical site, the city has "taken it under it's wing" to be renovated and up to code. The changes could be happening any time now and this person was telling me about getting paid renters compensation for living in these conditions and for having to be re-located. Does anyone have any information on these laws or if it is even true? Thanks in advance.


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Unless this "story" of what is about to happen comes from the city or code inspector, the LL, or an attorney - its just a story.  A rumor.  Believe it when it happens - IF it happens. 

Lots of buildings don't meet current codes.  But many of those that don't meet current codes are still permitted because they are grandfathered under the old codes that were in existance when they were built or last remodeled.  Years ago I told about a Victorian house I bought.  It had knob & tube wiring, fuse boxes (yes, several boxes), and a knife switch that you had to throw to turn off certain power (think of throwing the switch in Frankenstien's lab!  Yep, that kind.)  Do you think that met current code?  Of course not!  But it was perfectly legal.  That house hadn't been upgraded or remodelled in decades.  The code at the time said that wiring was fine.  Since it hadn't had a major overhaul in all that time, it was grandfathered in under that old code and was legal.  I could have just painted the walls and re-rented it as it stood.  (I didn't do that.  I rewired the house.)  But the point is that it was legal under that old code.  So just because a place doesn't meet current codes doesn't mean the city will force it to be upgraded.  Especially if it is a historic house.

I suggest you contact code enforcement to see if there is any truth to this.  Now there have been instances where tenants are compensated for being foced to move.  Usually it is when there are blatent health and safety violations that the LL refuses to fix.  Its more probable that they help relocate you to another place without any financial compensation to you (possibly deposit assistance, or maybe just finding you a new low income place.)  Normally tenants are not compensated for moving to make way for renovations.  They closed down a large complex here a couple years ago because the city said the units were falling apart and there were health & safety violations.  They just moved all those tenants to new complexes.  They didn't get any money.
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