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I wasn't sure where to post this real estate question. I guess this is as close to the right category that I can get.

Why Lighthouse 101?
Because buying a Lighthouse at government auction is the most strange set of procedures
as I have ever seen. Read the following to understand what I am talking about.

If there is anyone reading this that understands this process, the perks the Oh Hello's, of this type RE purchase. PLEASE speak up and educate me and any others who get their minds boggled and in a twist trying to understand the details of owning a lighthouse.


Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light Sold $85,200 09/30/2010
Located in Fairport, OH

Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse Auction page

photos pdf

I don't quite understand the details of owning a lighthouse.
I have a feeling they maybe like Indian reservations in a way.
Why I say this is from scan/reading the following link which is a lease.
It states that no gambling maybe conducted on the property. Also no booze can be served.

Why there is a lease on property that someone bought at auction I don't get either. Perhaps this is more like buying and owning a Post Office?
Really an oDd piece of real estate.

Lighthouse Lease

Here is the long and detailed Invitation for bids pdf.


Long Beach CA Landlord

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The first link is bad. I tried to edit this post but it wouldn't let me.

Add the normal URL prefix

continue with this last piece of the URL


That should get you there.
Sorry for my inept posting skills in your forum.

Long Beach CA Landlord

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Hi guys,.. 
nice looking house to read having great useful informative stuff,....i appreciate your effort,..thanks,..  

personalized koozies

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Nice location of the house,.
River side house looks so cool and very nice,.
Share some more pics with close up,.

Koozies Wedding

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I doubt there are any zoned for living in, they usually do not have access to new water or sewer lines. Also be prepared to pay very large-scale bucks for the property.....
Stone Patios , build retaining wall , Voice and Data installers Chicago

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This case is really unique cause even i am an real estate agent at i never been seen selling a light house and i don't really have an idea about this.
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