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We are currently in a nightmare with code enforcement. A tenant's drain got clogged and caused sewage to back out in one room. They called code enforcement on the property. I don't know why they thought that was necessary.

The flood was not too bad. We hired a plumber and the drainage issue was quick fixed, and water extracted. The flood level was not above the baseboard level. By now the baseboard is dry to the touch. We asked tenant to open windows to help dry anything that might have gotten wet as well.

Now we are in this complex nightmare. Code enforcement just would not let it go. An officer initially ordered us to replace the baseboards. But another officer later requested us to hire Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) specialist to provide a moisture meter clearance, as their concern is mold. And they consider this practice as "industry standard". We don't know if it is. Code enforcement has also been vague on what's going to happen next after IAQ.

My question is does IAQ provide some type of closure in this situation? Is it by law required at all? I'm not sure what regulation is there that mandates certain practice in this situation. Does code enforcement have the authority to demand whatever they want no matter how expensive it will cost us?

They also raised concern about gypsum board, sill plate and framing may have been wet. It sounds like they could just keep adding to the list, until we remodel the apartment. We have no end in sight.

Any thoughts and suggestions will be very much appreciated!

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