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Can my condo building pass new rules and regulations and expect my tenant to abide by them halfway through her lease? My tenant moved a bookshelf out and the building is trying to fine me $500 for not following the new rules - one is we have to notify the building anytime anything is moved in or out. (Crazy rules if you ask me!) I don't see how they can do this when she signed a lease agreement that we submitted to the board.
We are happily selling the unit b/c the building has become more of a jail! I am in IL.

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My guess is that somewhere in the contract it states something to the effect of 'rules may change at any time', 'tenant agrees to rules and rule changes once approved by the board', etc. 

That condo is smoking crack. How big is 'anything'? If she moves a laptop, does that count? An empty box? A full box? What if she brings home a desk lamp or foot stool? Anything that requires 2 people to move? Which 2 people? What if one person tries to move it to prove it can be moved by one person, falls, and sues the condo association?

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Thanks! They are so crazy. If you read the emails sent to the building from one of the crazy people on the condo board you would die. She likes to call people pigs for dropping garbage, etc.

My next question would be, how can they prove my tenant moved anything? Isn't it my word against this crazy girls? And I know this crazy girl has it out for me based on emails forwarded to me from someone she thinks is her friend.
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