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My tenant overflowed the toilet causing several thousand dollars in damage. I did file a claim and insurance covered it except my deductible. Can I ask her to pay me the amount of the deductible? She still resides in my property and is a good tenant.


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If you can prove your tenant was negligent or misused the toilet in some way, then the answer is "Yes." However, imagine yourself in Small Claims Court (assuming the tenant refused to pay), and proving your case before a judge. One little trick I learned early on as a young property manager was to require the handyman, plumber or roto-rooter service to write down on his invoice the "reason" for the blockage. 9 times out of 10 it was caused by the tenant or his or her child dropping (accidentally or otherwise) all kinds of things down the toilet. I then would charge it back to the tenant.


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The full amount due for each visit at the time of  carrier requires you to collect and them to pay all copays and deductibles .

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