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I am trying to service the landlords 10 day notice to quit the premises for breach of lease

The tenant will not answer the door or phone calls or anything so what is the best way to proceed to get the 10 ten notice to them?

The lights in the home are on but no one will come to the door.
I suspect he has been through this before.

What is the best thing to do here so I can start my 10 days.

I must have the document notarized once it has been served - saying it has been served.

Thank you


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In VA we just have to have some sort of documentation showing we served it. We usually just use certified mail (as well as regular mail and posting it to the door). 

Having it notarized after serving sounds odd to me, how would the notary know you actually served it and aren't just saying it was served?

Is it an option to have the Sheriff's office serve it?

I am guessing you are only getting about half the law and that either one of these requirements isn't true (perhaps posting it to the door is adequate), or there are other options specifically for cases such as these where the person won't answer the door.

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From this site there are more options on serving the notice:

Delivery Methods

    The landlord has a few options when delivering the notice to the tenant. All methods of delivery must be carried without intimidation. The delivery options include:
  • Hand delivery,
  • Regular mail,
  • Certified mail,
  • Leaving the notice with another resident at the property,
  • Posting the notice at the property.


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have the sheriff do it.
they have more authority and can actual just post it in most states

here it costs 50 bucks
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