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A very old feeble woman has been a longtime tennant and was given priveledged treatment with very low rent and infrequent rent increases. Her son moved in a few years ago as a caretaker. The area is under rent control.
Last year, I took over management of the property and found that he was never added to any rental agreements as a tenant. This year I raised all rents and invoked a new contract, I added him and as a "caretaker" in the "other occupants" line.
She is nearly 100 years old and it's pretty clear that he wants to take over the place when she dies.
Will he be entitled by law to get her special low rent?

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That's a good question.  We don't have rent control here (thank goodness), but I would suppose the answer would depend on a couple things:  When you added him, is he listed as a tenant, or only a temporary caretaker for the tenant; and was he made to be responsible for the rent (jointly & severally liable as co-tenants are)?  I would suggest you call whoever governs rent control in your area and ask.  If he is now eligible, you may be stuck with that low rent amount for the rest of his life.  On rent control units, always raise rent the max each year.  (Yes, I know she was elderly and you gave her a break.)  But if he can take over on her amount, that break may come back to bite you for years to come.  Do call the agency that governs rent control and find out.

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