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Can Professional carpet cleaning freshen up or revive high traffic areas? An area that might look a little matted. The carpets only 5 years old

I would love to put in vinyl flooring but because my unit is upstairs one the HOA does not allow it so I have to stick with carpeting.

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Your HOA tells you what flooring you can have INSIDE? Good lord, get out of that nazi commune park asap.

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LOL LLinVA!  I agree with the HOA not being allowed to dictate flooring.  But I can also understand they may want carpet for its sound dampening properties.

The answer to the carpet is that we really don't know.  A carpet cleaning company would have to look at it and determine how much of the wear pattern is from dirt.  Dirt can be removed, some compression of fibers may be able to be improved, but only someone looking at the carpet could tell you to what extent.  If the compression is a small area (like under legs of a piece of furniture) you may be able to get those fibers to raise with steam or an ice cube.  If it is compressed all over in a wear pattern, probably not.  I don't normally see that much wear pattern in 5 years with good quality carpet.
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