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Hey guys i have a simple question that i cant find the answer to, but my tenants just moved out after 2 years and did not clean at all. I was wondering if i can still charge the tenants a carpet cleaning fee even if im going to replace the carpet.



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you can try, but if it goes to court the judge will disallow it

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If the filth in the carpet and padding results in additional charge from the company pulling/disposing of and prepping for the new carpet/padding then ask them to call out that information in the billing so you can appropriately bill the former tenant for the charges caused by their negligent care of the carpet.

Sometimes the tack strips can be filthy from lack of cleaning and if they have to be replaced due to spillage/impacted dirt then that charge should be the tenants since you would not need to replace them otherwise.

If you are talking about a charge for cleaning you are not going to do, then it would be dishonest to charge that.

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I have a similar question, I rented a home to a tenant six months ago, the home was rented to them with new carpets and new hardwood floors.   The home delivered back to me after six months in the "same condition" however, the new carpets have numerous pet stains which the tenant never disclosed they had pets.  

Question:  Can I deduct carpet cleaning from security deposit (even though it has been six months) I'm not sure if I can deduct carpet replacement.

Please advise??????

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It is best to post your own question, you will usually get a better response.

Yes, you can charge for carpet cleaning since pet stains aren't part of normal wear and tear. It doesn't matter how long they were there, if they can more than normal wear and tear, it can come out of the deposit. Make sure you document it though. If they question it, you need to have undeniable proof showing you aren't just making things up to be greedy (if you didn't take pictures, they could paint that picture in court if they tried to sue you over the deposit).

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