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When I lived in my house (4 years ago) my unhappy cat took to peeing at the top of the carpeted stairs. I have cleaned it with cat pee products and it has been professionally cleaned twice.  There is no detectable odor/stains.  My concern is if I allow renters with cat(s) that the cat(s) will be able to smell it an might start marking the same spot.

Has anybody had experience with with a similar situation and have allowed renters with cats afterwards with any problems?

I don't want to turn away potentially great tenants but I also don't want myself or my tenants to have to deal with renovation/repairs if it becomes a problem.

Thank you.

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The best solution would be to enforce a No Pets policy to avoid this altogether.  If you want to allow tenants to have pets then I would suggest you require the pets to have been spayed/neutered before they were 6 months old (when they spraying starts).  This is your best chance of avoiding a territory marking situation. 
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I agree with AccidentalRental.

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No pets - here is the answer
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