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I was wondering if there are any college courses or studies that you recommend. I have a certificate in small business management. I was considering being an apprentice with a friend of mine who does construction so I can do some of the repairs myself. Any other suggestions to someone just starting to get into the business? I will take all I can get. Thanks Donna


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Dude....Classes... they might give you ideas and even insight into laws for landlords generally unkown.. BUT don't think classes are going to cut the mustard in geting into being a landlord. I have an associates degree, been in active duty in the navy, and had my father and brother that were landlords.. What are you going to do when an unauthorized occupant stands in the doorway and tells you to go f yourself? Call the police? Waste of time. What are you going to do when an occupant tears the holly hell out of one side of a duplex? File charges with prosecutors office? Yeah waste your time there.


I have ran into bs that would put a kink in "but my class didn't say.." because at least in Ohio, the laws are lousy for landlords logic doesn't usually apply, and court collection...a long shot, I would go to the race track and bet on the gimp horse before I put money on the court system collecting from dead beat tenants.


Best I can say in short, read up on your state landlord tenant laws, that book should be at your library. And ask lots of questions of your court system, clerk of courts, and so forth.


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Hi Donna, welcome to the biz.  They do offer real estate classes, but I wouldn't recommend them.  I have a bach. degree but it doesn't tell you much about the real life of a LL.  Go to the local library and look for LL books.  Start with the basics - a book on your landlord-tenant law for starts.  Try reading The Complete Idiot's Guide to Becoming a Smart Landlord by Edwards & Craig or The Landlord's Handbook by Goodwin & Rusdorf, they will give you a short starter couse much cheaper than a college class.  Read forums like this (try -great site to ask questions & do research, or check out this site for other info -  NOLO also offers excellent (more detailed) books on LLing.  Read everything you can and ask questions of other LLs.  Join a local LL association in your area if you can, they sometimes offer mentoring.  When you start renting places out, make sure you get a very good lease to use.  Be strict, you can't be friends to your tenants!  Don't ever rent to friends or family.  (Trust us on this one. It always turns out bad!) 

Are you a handy person?  It is not hard to do some of the basic repairs yourself.  If you want classes on this, try an adult vocational school for classes on building maintenance or home construction.   I didn't know how to do anything when I started MANY years ago.  Now I replace floors, walls, cabinets, doors, switches, light fixtures, and with the help of an electrical contractor, rewired 2 houses.  Also watch those home shows you see on TV - some are just fluff, but many will show you the steps to do it right.  Good luck.



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Agree with OHlandlord, to be a successful landlord you should have a sound knowledge of tenant screening services. Read different books as well as use the internet to boost your knowledge and skills. 
Hello Verify an online screening system that does a thorough employee background screening. Their team does a comprehensive research from verified sources. They check the credentials of the individual by cross referring to the police verification India documents. They then give you credible information based on which you can then make an informed decision.

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yes mr. #kurt say right

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