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First off, I'm not the landlord, however, I'm here in the hopes of getting the experts (you all) to give me some advice one what my options may be.

Let me start by saying I want to be responsible in this situation which is why I'm asking the questions below.  I'm not by any means trying to get one over on my landlord.

Situation - I rented a home with my girlfriend.  She has three kids, I don't have any.  We rented a five bedroom home (four with a bonus room), that is about 3,000 square feet.  Shortly after getting the keys something in her switched.  Long story short she left and got an apartment somewhere else.  I did not kick her out and even offered that she stay in the house and I would leave, giving her money every month until the lease was up.  She still left.  Since then she has started stalking me and having friends stalk me.  She's been calling me to tell me where she knows I've been and I've seen her drive by places that I've been at.  Now I'm a single guy paying for a five bedroom, 3000 square foot home, paying $1400 a month.  Due to her behavior I'm not comfortable staying in the home, as she can enter it at any time.

I've spoken with my landlord and they have informed me that I'm still responsible for 100% of the rent, even if she doesn't pay...which she hasn't.  I understand that and do not fault them for that.  They have also informed me that she can enter the property at any time, which I understand.  I asked them to re-rent the home (both of us have signed a letter of intent to vacate).  They told me they will yet they can only rent it out for 9 months due to the owners possibly coming back from overseas (they're in the military) next summer.  They told me that the house would go back on the market the day I signed that form (which was August 10th) and I have called to confirm that they listed the property, which they said yes.  To date the property is not on their website, not on any local website, there is no sign on the property, and there isn't a keybox on the door.  

In a perfect world someone else would rent the house out, however, I don't see anyone signing a 9 month lease.  On top of that it is not going to rent unless they list it, which they have not.

If I had to I can afford it, I really don't feel like paying for a house that big when I'm by myself, however I can pay for it.  I just don't want her being able to come in whenever she wants to.

Any advice you all can give me?



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sue the ex

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Originally Posted by dishrodger
sue the ex
Yes, you will have to take the ex to small claims court to get her portion of the rent.  However there may be wrinkle if there wasn't anything in writing saying you would split the rent.

Have you asked LL about subletting or getting other roommates?  Unfortunately there isn't anything in code saying when a LL has to advertise.

If it was me, I would change the locks and give LL a copy.

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I actually have it in writing that she agreed to pay half of everything.


Also, even if there isn't code saying the rental company has to re-list the property wouldn't the verbal agreement of them saying they would hold any weight?  


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That depends on your state law.  Many states, like Ohio, say the landlord has an obligation to re-rent.  But certain states have no such law.  In these states, the landlord has no obligation to even try to re-rent it.  In these states, you are under the legal obligation until lease ends.  Check your state law.  (And there is no way to prove a verbal agreement.  Always get any agreement in writing.)
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