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The condo master policy covers "sheetrock out" I was told, and they have a $10k deductible.  As landlord, I didn't have any additional insurance.  So now the insurance company has finished their investigation.  I need to talk to the condo manager tomorrow. 

  1. Since the condo association is the one insured, should they handle the hiring of contractors to gut existing sheetrock, and put up new sheetrock?  Does the insurance company ever hire and pay the contractors directly? 
  2. If fire was primarily in one bedroom, but smoke damage effected whole unit, does that call for removing/replacing of all sheetrock?  I would imagine it would smell of smoke otherwise. 
  3. Would the condo or the owner be responsible for removing damaged furniture, wet carpet, etc...  It seems this would be a prequisite to putting up new sheetrock.  The tenants already removed anything they could of value. 

Once the new sheetrock is up and smoke smell is removed, I may sell to a rehabber. 



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This may not be that simple. If the fire started inside the sheetrock (in the room), it may fall on the renter's or homeowner's insurance of the inhabitant since it would be their fault. It would fall on the condo association if it started in the wiring inside the walls. 

Either way, I think whatever insurance company ends up paying would just call in a company like Servpro to clean out everything (usually much worse than expected), then pay for all necessary repairs. 
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