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What are the legal issues (if any) of me contacting a former tenants new landlord and letting them know of what occurred with tenant while they were residing in my property and the condition the unit was left in when they moved out


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This sounds like a bad idea.  Unless you are very careful about exactly what you report to the new landlord, you may be setting yourself up for a slander suit.  At this point, you really have nothing to do with the new landlord.  It is his/her own problem if they did not screen carefully by checking references for the tenant.  Your time would be better spend moving on with your rental business.

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Absolutely correct advice. Tenants can piss you off to an extreme degree when they leave/get evicted. Trust me, I know. But if they found another place to live and their new landlord never contacted to for a landlord referral, then it's their problem now. Anytime a tenant leaves on not-so-good terms with me and I don't get a call from their prospective landlord doing due diligence, I shake my head. Those landlords get what they deserve. You move on and keep doing business the right way.
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