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I'm very new to being a landlord, 1 unit in oak park, IL. And the tenant from hell continues to make me wish I'd never done this.

No rent since June, went to court, got order of possession for11/6. Tenant filed motion to stay, heard and denied 11/6.

How long currently will it take the sheriffs to get said tenant out now. I presented the order to them Wednesday

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Go to court house and ask them. What did they say? Follow the law. Don't make any contact with the tenant. At this point the tenant is waiting for you to mess up so he can delay the eviction. Follow the law. I’d walk into the court house and speak with someone and ask them what the next part of the process is. How soon will I be contacted by someone? What can I expect? I'd expect that a bailiff or someone will set a date for you to meet them at the rentel with a few of your moving guys. In my state and county. 

Deputy will knock on the door and if tenant is home he will give tenant maybe up to 30 minutes to grab there things. Then he will be escorted off the property and told not to return or you will file trespassing charges. Deputy will now tell you you have possession of rentel. You must change the locks and your guys need to start removing all tenants belonging in a timely manner. Deputy is not going to wait long. You better have enough help to get rid of their stuff fast. What you do with their stuff, such as set it on the curb is up to your county, township or burrow. You need to find this out in case you have to store their stuff.

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