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New here and hoping for some advice.  We're first-time landlords and long story short, we didn't do a credit and background check on our tenants before signing the agreement.  Can we do one now?  If they refuse, what can we do?  We're in Arizona.  Thanks for any help on this.


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Did they sign a release on your application allowing you to do one?  If so, you have a signed release to go ahead.  But what good is knowing their credit going to do you now?  You have already signed with them and received a deposit.  You can't change that.

However, if you check the criminal background yourself on the web, you don't need permission as this is public info.  Look for web sites on the city you live in and any other city they have lived in.  Look for county's common pleas court and the city's municipal/civil court web sites and search their names and/or dates of birth.  Also them to find other places they have lived that they "forgot" to tell you about.  Then search sites for these places too.  Anyone can look at these so you don't need permission anytime.  It's always a good idea to know about their criminal background.  You may want to check the sexual predator site too.
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