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New here.  Had tenants the past 6 years, always paying rent, sometimes a little late but always paid.  I'm kind of surprised when they moved out they skipped out on the last months rent which the security deposit covered but they were also supposed to fill their oil tank back to full as stated in the lease.  I'm kind of surprised when you have a good relationship with these people and in the very end they skip out on ya like this.  Anyway, it's probably not worth my going to small claims court for what will be about 450 dollars in oil, but my question is, is there some way I can report them to the credit bureaus for what they have done being a small time landlord? 

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Security deposits don't cover the last month's rent. They cover damage done such as not filling the oil tank as the lease specified and all the damage the tenant leaves behind besides normal wear and tear. 

Sorry, we don't report to credit bureaus so I can't help you there. You are right though that it's not worth the hassle.
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