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We have properties is a very rural town of Pennsylvania. The good majority of tenants come with lots of baggage and 99.9% have bad credit.... so we use our credit checks to look for specific things, knowing their credit is bad up front.  Doing a typical background check on their rental history is worthless as landlords up here do not report evictions.  Word of mouth and calling former landlords when able works well in our parts. We have a few very trustworthy people we go to. 

With that said. We have a couple who would like to rent a house from us.  The man is an upstanding guy with a good reputation in town. He is currently on unemployment but expecting a call back any day to return to work...busy season starting up.

The woman is another story. Up until about a year ago she had major issues. She was in an abusive marriage and her rental history is a mess to put it mildly.  No one in town has anything good to say (referring to those that work for us and help us out). 

Now.... Our contacts all admit that since she has been with the man that has the good references....she has been doing very well.  She has been employed steady for two years.  Her and the guy got together in September 2012.

The guy manages the money for the household and prior to her meeting him she actually assigned a rep payee to manage her she admits she is terrible with money. 

Her current landlord told me she has never had any problems with her....she has lived there since August 2012.... landlord sold house recently.

She has been very honest with us about her past.  We are inclined to give it a go but know we need a tight lease.  It is so hard to find tenants that dont have a history.

Interested in your thoughts.  Thanks


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I am having a similiar problem, rentals are in a rural area and pickings are slim they are not beating down the door to rent. with that said, I would concentrate on his income here, he seems to have seasonal employment? you will need to know what his income is while working and what his unemployment is off season and now I have a question relating to seasonal workers, are we allowed to charge more during seasonal work & less when they are collecting unemployment? if monthly rent is 900.00 that would be 10800. for year, so can You charge more while income is higher and less when collecting off season but have it come out to the yrly total your rent is?

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You can have different rents due in different months.  Your lease should state the total due for the year and specify what rent is due for each month throughout the lease.  But think of this:  If your tenant moves out in a down month, a judge is only going to allow you to charge the tenant with the lost rent for that month.  So if they break a lease in December, and they only owe $600 for the winter months, but $800 in the summer months.  You will only be able to charge them with the $600 rent, and not the average $700 rent.  If they move in during down months (like the 1st poster's story) and break their lease in the 1st 6 momths, you lose the extra rent from the 1st few months they are there and the amount until it is re-rented is counted at the lower rate.
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