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was talking to a  guy a while back, he mentioned that with his rentals, he has an 'agreement' vs a lease with everything in layman terms.
And he puts such items as how often the grass must be mowed (if not then he will have it mowed and bill tenant at $75), how often the hvac filter must be changed (when power bill is received), home must be kept clean, home pressure washed when dirty, etc,
Has anyone added these additions? didn't know if i could...
I have a standard agreement but I like his idea that his is much easier to read

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I added things like that into a "House Rules and Regulations" document attached to the lease as an addendum. The lease specifies that the tenant has read and received the addendum and the addendum is initialed on all pages and signed. This way I can have my typical "legal speak" lease and a more readable rules addendum. It goes into the specifics of maintenance, how vehicles are to be parked and where they can be maintained, proper disposal of garbage, etc. From what I've seen in CA law, this is allowed though it is typically used in apartments and I have a single family home. A few things to be careful of is: 1) how will you monitor how often he mows the lawn (maybe its better to specify a max grass height) and 2) to make sure any charges that they will be billed for are reasonable. Here $75 will get you 1 month's all inclusive gardening service for a 1/4 acre lot through a city licensed business.


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The best way to make sure a tenant is in compliance with specific rules is to do a periodic inspection of your unit(s). In California, a landlord must give a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to an inspection.

As a legal secretary in California, I have drafted many rental agreements & leases. It is permissible to add acts of specific performance in an agreement or lease for both apartments and single family dwellings.

If you are unsure how to word leases/agreements/notices, please send me a private message & I'll help you out.


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Recently I visited my friend's house where he tried to cut the grass, but it was not done properly. So the look of the garden has changed. For that he took the help of professional services of gardening and landscaping i.e. gardening northside to know gardening tips. Learning all such ideas had made his home look pleasant and attractive.
Paul Hendon

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Lawn mowing is the most important yard maintenance chore, and how you mow determines the quality of your lawn. Tips and ménage techniques for cutting grass to keep it looking clean-cut and healthy.
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