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This picture shows the damage caused by my dog. There were four boards with similar damage. [image] Here is the full fence from inside the backyard.

Many of the boards are rotted and crumbling. The landlord charged me $129.45 for the removal and replacement of the whole fence because of the boards damaged by my dog. Is this proper?


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It looks as if 3 sections of fence have been damaged.  A quick look at my big box store site shows this fence is $39.95 per section.  That would be $118.50 for just the fence, not counting the labor to replace it.  So $129.45 sounds like an appropriate price (cheap even) to make these repairs caused by your pet.  In future, don't allow your pet to damage any part of a rental property.  Sorry, but this is the cost of having a pet in a rental.

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Thanks OHLandlord, I was hoping you would chime in as I've seen many of your posts and value your fair and honest input. I should have been more specific in my posting. The only damage done by my dog was chewing on the bottom of four boards, as shown in the first picture (close up of the damage at the bottom of the boards). The 2nd picture shows the fence as it was when I moved in. 

I'm questioning the charge for the full replacement of the whole fence when only 4 boards were damaged at the bottom by my dog. 

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That picture isn't showing for me. 

Either way, for $130, I think you should be thankful. If they replaced only the sections your dog touched and paid a handyman to do it instead of doing it themselves, it could easily be more. 
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